Reasons Why Europe is the Best Continent in the World

Did you recognize that it takes 6 and also a half hrs to fly from the East shore to the West coast of America? Did you recognize that you can fit the entire of the UK right into the state of Texas 3 times? Did you know that it would certainly take 45 hrs to drive from Brisbane to Perth?

As a Brit, facts such as this strike my mind. I have actually only just learned them lately and they have actually aided me to obtain my head around the sheer size of Australia as well as the U.S.A.. I never ever really valued how much time it takes for people in these nations to arrive at international soil.

In comparison to these nations, The dimension of the UK is a drop in the ocean. I definitely enjoy travelling to far-flung and exotic locations, but a few of my recent trips (Dublin and Barcelona) have actually reminded me just how exceptionally privileged I am to reside in a country that is so near to so many various other nations. This is the appeal of Europe, as well as these are unlimited reasons that why Europe is the very best continent in the world. Right here are 9 of them

The Impressive Travel Opportunities

Staying in Europe means that numerous other countries are rather literally on your front door. Think about the amount of countries are a 2 hr trip far from where you live? With such brief trip times, you can also fly to a new nation as well as back in one weekend (no yearly leave called for!) This is specifically what I finished with my current trips to Barcelona as well as Dublin, and also I still came home sensation as if I had actually invested some quality time checking out both cities.

For longer travel jobs, you can likewise maximize the outstanding inter-rail network and hop from country to nation by road effortlessly. In short, Europe has outstanding traveling chances for both lengthy and also short term travel.

Experiencing Numerous Diverse Societies

Whilst countries on the continent lay side-by-side, the diversity in cultures is interesting. Each nation has a distinct culture that is intrinsically woven right into their lifestyle and it is remarkable to learn exactly how each of them differ. Italy is understood for it’s food, France is understood for it’s fashion. Without relying upon stereotypes, the point I am making is that each nation holds it’s own identification and practices. No 2 countries coincide. One more reason Europe is the best continent in the world.

Understanding The Background Surrounding You

Because they are OLD, our monuments, roadways and buildings are stunning. They have stood the test of time as well as you can discover photos from 100 years ago of people strolling down the precise same streets without them looking any different. The more you discover European history the a lot more you understand how many renowned European sites, locations and cities became part of significant historic events. Getting to see these things as well as areas with our own eyes is exceptional in itself.

Bargain Fares with Low Cost Airline Companies

In addition to numerous various other Brits, I LOVE a deal, specifically when it is to do with travel. Airline Companies like Easy Jet and also Ryan Air obtain hounded for their rare hold-ups as well as negative service however lets face it, we’re all mosting likely to keep scheduling with them. Why? Because they are exceptionally low-cost and give a budget-friendly gateway right into and around Europe. These airline companies make Eurpoean travel simple and also regret cost-free.

Sardinia’s Island chain Islands

Getting on The Eurostar

Did you understand that The Eurostar can take you from London to Paris in simply 2 hours as well as 20 minutes? The Eurostar is a wonderful choice for people with a fear of flying or family members travelling in young groups.

The Romanticism

I have constantly valued that numerous European cities are seen as romantic locations, however I have actually never ever truly realised until lately simply HOW romanticised as well as extravagant that Europe is regarded by individuals from further afield. To numerous Americans (for instance) Europe is the ultimate travel experience.

Romance in Paris on the Pont des Arts

The EU

Being part of the EU gives you the freedom to travel, live, function, research and retire throughout the Europe. You can remain in any kind of European country for up to 3 months without any horrible Visas, and also if you want to stay much longer, you can! It wasn’t up until I ended up being buddies with some Australians that I realised exactly how honored any person is to be part of this.With the EU also comes the Euro, which makes taking a trip with Europe incredibly simple without any tiresome currency exchanges and swindle prices.

  • I first wrote this post long before the UK’s EU Mandate, so the EU was 1 of my 8 factors. The UK’s policies are mosting likely to be altering quickly, but I personally like the EU and felt rather devestated to listen to the information that the UK would certainly be leaving (paragraph added August 2016).

The Gorgeous Languages.

Europe is home to a few of one of the most beautiful languages in the world. Whilst English is so typically spoken throughout the whole of Europe, living so near to so many various languages provides us a real factor to discover as well as attempt to talk them (or at the very least master the basics). I took a French A Degree as well as have just recently chosen to sign up on a brush-up French Language program as it’s an ability I would certainly dislike to loose and also understand I will certainly constantly utilize.

  1. The Food (as well as A Glass Of Wine).

We can not stop working to value the mind-blowingly delicious food on the continent. Each country has signature dishes that are world-famous, not to state our fantastic white wines and also of training course, sparkling wine!

A delicious goats cheese salad in Paris.

I think everybody can be guilty of taking the location they live for provided, yet creating this message is an outcome of my own recent realisation about the incredible advantages of staying in Europe as well as being European. Whether you travel once a year for a family members vacation or you’re a traveling addict seeking regular spontaneous experiences, Europe supplies varied, obtainable and magnificent chances to travel.

This is why Europe is the most effective continent on the planet as well as why you should feel like one infatuadted kitty now if you are reading this and stay in Europe.