Office Space and Peter’s Corporate Cubicle

Peter needs new office space. Corporate drone Peter Gibbons (Rene Russo) lives in a hellish work environment at software giant Initech where he hates his dull soul-killing work at initech. In a trance,Peter is left dazed when his hypnotherapist dies during their therapy session. He also refuses to work overtime and plays video games in his cubicle while inadvertently seducing two other consultants into putting him in charge of the new corporate restructuring plan. When his old friends learn that they are being downsized,they concoct a shocking revenge scheme inspired by the blockbuster “Superman III” to take over the company. With the help of the newly hired,yet trusting,manager (Kevin Costner),Peter finds himself in a race against time to save his job before it’s too late.

In one scene the new management team makes a surprise visit to Peter’s cubicle and proceeds to demand answers. In response,Peter attempts to bluff his way out but the manager quickly shuts him down. Eventually,Peter realizes that what he is really feeling is fear. His fear of losing his job is causing his panic attacks. During his panic attack,he hallucinates that he is Superman and tries to convince his supervisor that this is the perfect opportunity to show the world what super humans can do. His fear of losing his job forces him to make an impulsive decision and get the man power to fight back against the corporate sabotage.

The film is reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’ popular book “Green Eggs and Ham”. In “The Cat in the Hat”,a cat is presented with a new position in the office after his previous boss gives him a hard time. Instead of taking the job,the cat decides to start his own business. With his new business,he begins a series of absurd adventures as he tries to help people. The same goes for Peter Gibbons as he tries to get out of his corporate cubicle.